COoL was invited to give a talk in Limerick about its development into the leading cultural partnership model of its kind in the UK, its achievements and plans for the future.

COoL representatives Emma Smith, Director of Liverpool Irish Festival (left) and Karen Gallagher, Artistic Director of MDI (right) travelled to Ireland to deliver the public talk at The Hunt Museum, Limerick, on Saturday 18 February, invited by Professional Limerick Artists Network (PLAN) and LACE.

Emma ‘it was a positive moment to reflect on our achievements, reconsider the power of engagement and make rich new connections – at home and abroad. It very quickly brought about a considerable amount of knowledge exchange, interactive visioning and deep relationships’

‘People spoke about COoL and our work as inspirational, hopeful and beneficial. Surprises seemed to include the sheer variety of art forms represented within the COoL membership and the development transitions of the organisation as a whole’.


You can find out more here.