COoL Communities

COoL organisations work with 100’s of communities annually across Liverpool City Region including….

LGBTQ+, Black and Racial Minority communities, Primary, secondary and SEND schools, Deaf and hard of hearing community, the Irish community, the Chinese community, Young people (aged 10-18) in the care system, Migrant communities, Families affected by drug and alcohol misuse, Carers of people living with dementia, Disabled adults, young LGBTQI+, Latin American community, Refugee and Asylum Seekers, Yemeni, Somalia, Syrian, Sudanese and newly arrived communities.

“Here, I can be myself.”   Adam, RAWD member

“It’s free, inclusive, run by people who are experts in their field and is bringing together gorgeous queer souls – this is a vital service!” Participant- Reel Queer- First Take

“This course quite literally changed my life. It has been one of the best things I have ever done…For the first time ever I have started to believe that my voice is important and has value”   Write to Work Participant – Writing on the Wall

“It’s vital to have people who believe in you, to be able to see the worth in what you are doing. Winning dot-art Schools in 2013 was a massive confidence boost, and it’s pushed me in the direction I’ve followed ever since”   James Murphy, winner of the first dot-art Schools programme  2012

“I’ve kind of struggled a lot in various aspects of life. And this project has just made me be able to take part and feel included, like I really have never been before in my life, which just means so much to me” Participant- Collective Encounters

“A fantastic workshop  These sessions help them gain in so many skills including literacy, creativity and self-confidence whilst having fun along the way.”   Nicola Hey, Litherland Youth and Community Centre- Windows Project

“Through photography, I think we’ve been able to talk to each other on a deeper level and the friendships have bonded because you bring them things out in your pictures that you might not say in words”Project Participant- Open Eye

‘It felt more empowering knowing that everything to do with the project was made and performed by females only, an amazing experience”   Participant- Tmesis Theatre

“Our kids joined the orchestra back in 2018 or 19, we brought them in as they would only speak with each other and not interact or socialise with others. Since they joined the Pagoda activities, we have noticed their confidence improve greatly, they now can be shy, like most teenagers, but are able to have conversations with others, have made good friends within the orchestra, and are even taking more leading roles and responsibilities within the orchestra/community.”  Pagoda Arts

“Since being at 20SH, my social anxiety has gotten quite a bit better. I am more confident and more able to open up to people around me” Youth Theatre Participant- 20 Stories High

“It was a wonderful celebration of Croxteth’s young people and the community they live in! I was in tears when the awards were being given out! I was really touched by the stories and pride in the young people. I loved the whole event!”  All Things Considered

“This course has been absolutely wonderful. It’s given women an opportunity to feel part of something positive.  There has been such a joyful energy in the space each session.  It felt like everyone has had space to talk, learn, laugh and connect.  What a wonder team Squash is . A huge thank you for the chance to be part of something so enlightening and real and important.” Squash

‘I just wanted to say how perfect I thought the drawing social went and how grateful I am to have been able to be there with everyone. Thanks for all your care in preparing the amazing resources and zine library and also the gorgeous food. Participant feedback Metal