The Creative Organisations of Liverpool (COol) would like to invite you be part of the forthcoming Black History Month in Liverpool. Black History Month could not be more relevant this year in the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests in response to the murder of George Floyd by police in the United States. The BLM movement has not only highlighted issues of police brutality but of endemic global racism.
Through Black History Month COoL expresses its support for the Black Lives Matter movement. We aim to address some of the key themes that have arisen is recent months; the centrality of the Transatlantic Slave Trade to the development of the UK and in particular Liverpool, the brutality of empire of which Liverpool was the second city, the decolonisation of educational curriculums, enduring institutional racism, ‘the hostile environment’  and the disproportionate impact of the corona virus on black and racial minority communities. At the heart of our programme is the talent of black artists from across the art forms that are represented by COol.

If your organisation is planning an event or programme for Black History Month this year we would be happy to include it in our wider Liverpool Programme which will be supported and marketed by Culture Liverpool. Our aim is to pull together a strong and vibrant city wide offer for the city which will seize the time and the opportunity for lasting change.

To be included in the wider city offering please provide the following
information to Clare Wilde on Sarah Vasey

entitled BHM Wider Programme Event Submission:

*             In a word document:

–              Title for your activity>
–              Location for your activity including building, full
address and postcode (if applicable)

–              Dates & Times

–              Any ticket / booking information and prices (if> applicable)

–              300 words maximum to describe your activity – in third
person and relatable to the audience

–              Any relevant links to your own social media channels or
website – include social handles, links and hashtags

–              your email address and telephone number

*             Stunning high res landscape jpeg image to accompany your
activity: landscape, jpeg, no copyright issues, image credit if needed

*             Please not any emails over 10mb will be blocked by our
IT system. In such cases please email content via wetransfer /
wetransfer link

*             When attaching files with your submission, please make
sure they are saved down as your event title.

*             Deadline: The webpages will be launched w/c 21
September. However, the BHM programme runs from 1-31 October so you
have until the last week of October for your event to be included.