COoL Projects

This page organically charts all current collaborative projects across COoL.
Check back regularly to see how each project is progressing.

Chinese Labour Corps project

A cross-disciplinary project focusing on the social histories of Chinese Labour Corps who came to Liverpool in WWI.

Developed by Zi Lan Liao at Pagoda Arts, and developed in collaboration with COoL members First Take, Writing on the Wall, The Windows Project and 20 Stories High, we are telling the story of the 130,000 members of the Chinese Labour Corps who were recruited from remote villages in China and “shipped” as goods in covered wagons and trains trucks via Canada to Liverpool, where they were held before being transported to dig trenches at the Somme.

The project will tell this wider story by researching the lives and heritage of 5 young Chinese men who died en route and are buried in Anfield cemetery. Their graves are visited each year by members of the local community but their effort and sacrifice, and that of the rest of the Corps, has been largely ignored in historical narratives and commemorations of the First World War.

The outcomes of the project will be an exhibition and performance featuring Pagoda’s Chinese Youth Orchestra, Chinese rap, film/digital footage and spoken word and will involve local young people and schools. 

LightNight 2017

Facilitated by Open Culture, commissioning a series of new work by COoL members for LightNight on 19 May 2017.