About COoL

COoL is a collective of 32 key arts organisations based in the Liverpool City Region.

It is the leading cultural partnership model of its kind in the UK.

Our members create exciting art in many forms, including visual arts, theatre, film, dance, comedy, music, literature, multimedia, craft, design and festival production.

We play a pivotal role in promoting the cultural offer of the Liverpool City Region by championing inclusivity, diversity, participation and collaborative working practices.


  • Creates arts partnerships locally, nationally and internationally
  • Encourages pioneering artistic practices
  • Passionately promotes access, diversity and inclusion
  • Actively lobbies and advocates for the arts

To achieve this, our members actively collaborate across four subgroups to drive forward our collective activities. These subgroups are: marketing and advocacy, development, CPD skills and resources, and Festival Forum.

COoL also facilitates collaborative projects that bring together the strengths of member organisations to create new exciting opportunities and work packages.

Economic Impact:

  • COoL contributes at least £8 million to the Liverpool City Region economy every year


  • COoL members’ activities have a collective audience of over 3 million people annually


  • Every year COoL creates over 1,000 full-time, part-time, freelance and volunteer opportunities within the Liverpool City Region


  • Over 800 newly commissioned artistic projects and 4,000 events each year with work winning awards and critical acclaim worldwide

COoL places emphasis on developing new regional, national and international partnerships in order to strengthen the resilience of small-to-medium cultural organisations and the sector.